3 Easy Ways to Find Password For E-Aadhaar Card PDF

Aadhaar card is an initiate which was carried out by the Government of India back in 2010. The Government has established a team called UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), who is responsible for allotting a unique number to every citizen in India. They have the authority and power to develop the infrastructure to carry out the whole plan.

How to Find Password For E-Aadhaar Card PDF?


As we all know that the UIDAI has utilized the technology and Internet very well, they have developed the site so citizens can Apply, Modify, Change and Download the Aadhaar card online.

They have improved this area because the server load is amazing, the site is responsive, secure connection and the website do not crash in between the task.

Now after downloading eAadhaar card, how to open it?

As we all know that there is a password that protects the Aadhaar card from unknown people. How to bypass it?

*1 Use Enrolment Receipt

The Aadhaar card protection password is always your area PINCODE, so you have to type your Aadhaar card pin code, if it is not available, then you must have the enrolment receipt.

The Enrolment receipt has the PINCODE in it, which you can use to find out the password and unlock it.

Get your Enrolment receipt, then check the address, you will find the pin code mentioned in there.

We have provided a snapshot of the receipt, kindly use it to locate the pin code of your Aadhaar card.

Do not panic if you don’t have the enrolment receipt because we do have other ways to figure it out.

*2 Google it

If you don’t have the Enrolment receipt, and you have no idea about your Pin code, then no need to worry because you can use Google to find out the exact password of your Aadhaar card.

1 – Go to Google.com

2 – In the search term, type your Area name, City or State, then hit on the search.

3 – In the very first result, you can find the pin code in the Description.

Note: Open the website if you are unable to find the Pin code in the Title, and Description.

Enter the Pin code as a password in the Aadhaar card.

*3 Identification Documents

In case, if you are unable to open it despite following the method we have shown you, then we can assume that the pin code of your area is not what added during applying for a fresh one.

Now for Address proof, which document have you provided?

Hint – Electricity bill, Water bill, Telephone bill, Gas bill, and more

Check clearly in the address proof document because that is the source of a Pin code.

If everything fails, then you can contact the UIDAI head office, you can Google it for the office address or visit your nearest Aadhaar center.


Do not panic, if the password is not opening because it can be resolved by contacting the authorities. Try to obtain the original one to avoid downloading the E-Aadhaar card but make sure to resolve it or else, it can become a major problem. We hope getaadhar was able to solve your query.

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